Input on whether auth0 can handle the following multi-tenant requirements

Hi there,

We are developing a multi-tenant application and I’m making sure Auth0 can fulfill our authentication needs. We plan to have multiple storefronts served from a single application. For example: and from a single nextjs app. We will also have a separate administration application that would be for store owners to manage their particular site/tenant.

We need:

  • a set of users for the admin application with unique user/pass credentials
  • each storefront would have its own set of users with unique user/pass credentials

The same user could exist in both the admin and a storefront but the user/pass combo should be unique. It’s unlikely that a user would exist in multiple storefronts but we still want to ensure that the users are unique between store1, store2, … storeN.

Appreciate any thoughts or feedback on the best way to go about this.

Hi @barrett.cervenka,

There are several ways to approach multi-tenancy with Auth0, and which path you choose will ultimately depend on your use case.

This doc goes into detail about the various configurations: Multi-Tenant Applications Best Practices.

From what you have shared here, separating your tenants with Connections sounds like a fitting approach. Although, there are some limitations to this strategy. Namely, you will likely need an enterprise subscription due to the number of Connections you would be creating.

These types of setups often require a professional services engagement. I would suggest talking to our sales team to get that process started.

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