Need Help with Direct Auth0 Login URL

I have a marketing website hosted at and I want the ‘log in’ button to lead users to an Auth0 login page, and then redirect them to my application hosted at

It seems like a very common setup where a marketing page resides on the base domain, possibly created using tools like Webflow or other website builders. Then, the login button directs users to the login page of the application, followed by redirection to a subdomain where the application is hosted post-login.

My objective is to restrict access to unless users are logged in. Can I achieve this by linking directly to an Auth0 login page and then redirecting to my app? Alternatively, if direct linking isn’t possible, can I create a signup page using the Auth0 API?

Currently, I’m using nextJS (app router) and node. If I can provide anything to make anything clearer let me know, I’ve looked through quite a few posts/documentation.