Clicking on Domain url redirects to Auth0's website

Hello All,
So I was able to setup an application. However, the domain url when clicked takes me to Auth0 url instead of the app login page. How do I fix this?

Thanks in Advance.

Hi there,
The Auth0 Domain you have (based on the tenant name you chose), is a constant and can be used with one or multiple applications on the same tenant. It is not meant to be accessed directly. When you do access it, the behaviour is to redirect to the top level domain which is reasonable because there is no resource available on that domain.

You will need to access different endpoints using that domain to interact with the Auth0 APIs and authenticate and authorize users/applications. If you click on the Quickstarts tab within your Application settings page, you can choose to download a SDK of your choice and set it up to login with users on your tenant. This will also show you how to use the domain and APIs.

You can also add a custom domain to your tenant, which can then be used instead of the original Auth0 domain. For example, if you add the following custom domain:, accessing this URL will redirect you to the rather than which may be what you want.

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