Need help to create MultiTenancy application with React(Single domain)

1.)I need to create tenant using api manually (Not from dashboard).
2.)Need to get all teanant list in my application.
3.) Need to add fields like location, city, country etc with each tenant.
4.) While sign up new user we need to drop down of tenants we have to create user.


Hey there @komal.vohra!

  1. Unfortunately it’s not doable to create tenant using any API of ours.

Can you share a bit more of the whole usecase context so we can see if we can propose any parts of our stack to let you achieve what you want? Thank you!

I am working on application(single domain means all users login thourgh same url and land on dashboard which is same for all tenants) in which

There is one super admin who can create Tenant through application(our webiste) using auth0 api.
There is Tenant list page where we have to show list of all tenants and have edit functionality.

I have created React App using quick start documentation
I created multiple tenants using dashboard
but in application I can set one tenant setting (client id , domain id)one at a time .

How to create super admin who has access of all tenants (How I will achieve in My application)
How Can I access all tenants listing using credentails of super admin ?

Thank you a lot for providing all that feedback! Let me go through it and suggest some solutions based on that!

Hi Konrad ,
Any possible solution to implement above functionality.