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Need Help Setting Up SSO Integration


We have another organization called Wiseman who is using Identity Server 4 based on OpenID and Auth 2.0.

Their solution is on the cloud and Azure hosted.
They’re not using Active Directory. They’re using propritary soluction based on Identity Server 4 based on OpenID and Auth 2.0
What specific information do I need from Wiseman to get this set up?
How can we integrate with them as SSO?

Note, in the Dashboard, I go to “SSO Integrations”, then I click “+Create SSO Integration”. Then I see a title “New Single Sign On Integration” and then “SSO Integrations are external services that you can use for single sign-on. Select a provider to set up a new integration.”.
Then below is a list of boxes for over a dozen different providers like “Active Directory”, or “Box”, etc…
But I don’t see an option for setting up an SSO Integration with a custom solution.
What should I do?

Any help is much appreciated.


The naming is a bit weird, but you’re not looking for an SSO integration, you’re looking to turn the Wiseman ID server into a Connection.

The way to do that is through the Custom Social Connections extension:

Now, this isn’t a ‘flick a switch and be done with it’ kind of thing, because every OAuth 2.0 server is different. So the exact setup depends on the way Wiseman has set up their ID server.