Circle, Beacon Live, and Auth0 set up questions

Posting on customer’s behalf.

So both Circle and BeaconLive allow for an SSO integration, below are two links
Let’s start with simple questions:
(1) We don’t have any existing SSO, idp, etc… that’s how we got here, so does make sense to use Auth0 in the as our SSO and idp ?
(2) Assuming YES to SSO and idp, I need guidance on setting up Auth0 appropriately, can you lead to someone who can assist ?

Link from Circle and BeaconLive below:

Hey there @shreya.gupta ,

Thank you for posting our customer’s questions!

Does the customer need one? :slight_smile: Circle provides its built-in log-in mechanisms, integrations with OAuth2.0 IdP like Facebook, and a login page; the question would be if the centralized login and user management system is required.

It depends on the business needs. This doc provides use cases supported by Auth0 and should help decide.

Auth0 allows integration with customers’ own applications via OIDC or OAuth2.0 and with external services via Auth0’s built-in integrations. Unfortunately, there is currently no integration available for Circle.

After reading through the linked Circle’s identity knowledge, I’ve learned that it allows integrating with external IdP via OAuth 2.0 and adding a button to their Login Page with a link redirecting to the external IdP login page. Taking that currently, there is no integration available to connect with Circle on our side, I will consult this use case internally and back to you soon.

Please let me know in the meantime if there are any other questions on this topic!

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Hey there @shreya.gupta ,

Integrating Auth0 as an OAuth2.0 IdP for Circle should be possible, assuming Circle follows the spec. Testing will first be required on the customer side.

In terms of how to set up Auth0 for that, these would be the steps:

  1. On the Auth0 side: Creating Application in the Auth0 dashboard → Applications → Create Application.
  2. Pasting Circle’s Callback URL* in the Allowed Callback URLs:

3. Coping relevant URLs from the Application’s Settings → Advanced → Endpoints tab to Circle’s SSO integration setup:

*Circle’s documentation doesn’t share what the Callback URL is on their side, but after testing the connection, error messages should point to what’s missing:

I hope this self-service guidance will allow our customers to set up this integration!

We can also offer our Professional Services if there is a wish for further assistance.


Thanks all for this information. Can I get cost guidance if we want to engage professional services support to assist us?


Hey Martin @martin10 ,

Allow me a moment to check internally.


There are three categories of professional services in general. Unfortunately, it looks like at the moment we do not provide any self-service price estimator :frowning:
Please drop a message to our sales team; I think it might make sense to also provide them with this topic to help outline the scope of support you need.


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