Having issues implementing Auth0 + Circle.so

Hello everyone! I hope I can find some help here, in this great community. I myself am not a developer, just a guy who happens to understand some basic and general stuff and worked pretty close with product side of things. We do have a freelance backend developer, but it seems he’s not able to find all the needed answers and so I decided to storm this forum. So before I begin. sorry for the noob questions if there will be such.

So! We are implementing Auth0 as a SSO for a community-building service Circle.so. We created an API & app and added Auth0 to Circle according the documentation.

Issue one — endless redirection loop
But some of our user cant log in into Auth0 & Circle. They type in their e-mail and password, then they get redirected back to circle and nothing happens. They push the button that should redirect them back to auth0, but it doesn’t work and they are just stuck and cant get inside.

What could that be?
I checked logs of those users in Auth0, it says that:
they had “Request to Webtask exceeded allowed execution time”. Why could that be so?

Issue two — login first, sing up next, not the other way around
This one must be a easy one, but I broke my brain on that one. We are using Auth0 to tie up Ghost CMS and Circle.so together. Once someone subscribes on our Ghost site he is then redirected to Circle.so. In order to get inside he needs to crate a auth0 account. At this point Auth0 has already received this users e-mail via whitelist from Ghost and user is granted an opportunity to create aut0 account. Upon getting our page of our Circle app he is then redirected to auth0, BUT he sees the Login page, not the Sign up page. Which is not the right logic, since he first needs to Sign up and only then - next time - he will have to login. So I can’t quite figure out how do I sent person on this route:

Ghost cms subscription —> redirect to Auth0 sign up → redirect to Circle.so

where and how in Auth0 do I set up the right process?

Issue three — custom sign up
And another question right here — how do I change URL for sign up? Currently auth0 gives you an opportunity to sing up on their side, but we need to process subscriptions on Ghost cms first — so that user could see what kind of subscriptions we have and pay for them

Thank you very much for your help!

hey @most !

I don’t have a solution for you, but i’m happy I found your blog post. We are working on our tech stack for a product right now and I’ve also just set up auth0 and circle.so successfully. Where i’m stuck is syncing and setting up auth0 for use with ghost.

Would love to chat and share ideas about the implementation, hit me up at craig@creditsimple.com or my linkedin here! https://www.linkedin.com/in/craig-sartor-a2a92658/?originalSubdomain=ca