Navigation to specific organization login page

In the page login-flows-for-organizations it is mentioned that is should be possible to:

Note: Even when selecting Prompt for Credentials, you can still direct users to log in with a specific organization’s login prompt as needed.

As i understand this line, it means, that it should be possible somehow to navigate to the respective customized organization login page defined in the organization settings in auth0 based on the entered identifier (which should be the email of the user i suppose) in the prompt.

Did i understand this correctly? From the documentation i would have used the “Prompt for credentials” together with Identifier First Authentication with Home Realm Discovery, so that based on the domain, we are navigated to the resolved identity provider with only one fallback database with a standard login page, i suppose.

So if it is possible to be navigated to the custom organization login page based on the identifier email of the user, how can one configure auth0 correctly for that?

i am sorry, i would like to edit my post, but i have not seen, that this is possible.

in the first line the second “is” should be an “it”.