Is there a flow we can create to have a user's organization be discovered on login without Enterprise Connection

Hi All,

We are trying to create a login flow where we have already created a user and added them an organization. Using the identity first login flow, we want to redirect the user to their organization specific connection login. Is it possible to do this or achieve some similar affect?

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If your application is aware of the organization login they should be directed to, you can include the org_id in an authorize request:

Thanks for the reply @tyf . In this situation, we were hoping that we could create a flow where that is determine and passed to us. We don’t have a step that determines what org a user belongs to and we were hoping there was some discovery method that could do this for us assuming the login is in our auth0 account already associated with an org – hope this makes sense.

Hey @kevin.peng sorry for the delayed response here! Unfortunately, there isn’t currently a flow that supports organization discovery in the way you’ve described.

I will note that this is a feature that’s currently in the works and should be release in the coming months so stay tuned!

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