Navigating Authentication and Authorization

I’m currently facing a challenge with user authentication and authorization in my application. Despite implementing Auth0 for secure authentication on a website, I’m encountering issues with ensuring proper authorization for different user roles. Specifically, I need to grant specific permissions based on roles and restrict access accordingly.

Here are the key aspects of my problem:

  1. How can I seamlessly integrate role-based access control (RBAC) with Auth0 to ensure that users with different roles have appropriate permissions?
  2. Are there best practices for handling dynamic permissions where a user’s access might change based on certain conditions or events?
  3. What strategies do you recommend for securing API endpoints and ensuring that only authorized users can access certain resources?

Any insights, recommendations, or examples you can provide regarding authentication and authorization challenges with Auth0 would be greatly appreciated!

Hi @laviniamoonstone

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Thank you for posting your questions. I will return to you once I have all the information regarding your topic.