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RBAC completely implemented in auth0


Wondering if it is possible to use role based authentication where access to an application is entirely decided (deny or approve) based on the permissions/rules created in Auth0 dashboard. Meaning, just use rules for accessing my application and not have to add any code in my Web App. Is this possible. If so, where can I find a complete description how to implement this?

thank you

Hello tony.wolsey

This is a very general question, and hard to answer well without more details.

I am assuming your application has different classes of users, and the application MUST verify the class of the user somehow. This is code in your web app.

But a well designed application will work in conjunction with Auth0 RBAC and rules to achieve this.

I would suggest professional services for help with this. Packages start at 16 hours and go up.

Or post more details here.


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Hi John

Thanks for your response.
I have a Web Application in PHP and need to provide or deny access to certain Web Pages based on a user’s role.
I have implemented everything in the Auth0 dashboard to create application and API and set up users, roles, scopes and permissions for my API. I am using Universal Login to Authenticate from my Web App.
I am unsure what the easiest way or necessary next steps are to now Authorize users based on their roles and permissions. I definitely want to implement this Authorization step mostly from Auth0 built in features. I have read through most of the articles, videos and help files but where can I find specific examples for PHP and what are the next steps to simply Authorize a user based on their roles?
thank you