Name field missing in user rawjson data during previous week

Could you please explain what happen during previous week?
We’ve created number of users via Auth0 API and all of them have no field “name”?
But today when we creating them same way and there is this field again in place… quite misterious

Hey @anatoly.rossinsky!

Yep it’s quite strange. I’ll check internally what might be the reason. Let me get back to you once I have an update on that!

We’ve had some small temporary problem with that last week which affected a few of the tenants. It’s fixed by now so everything should be working as expected now!

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Well thanks…
But still sounds not very well…
We have a bunch of users with no name field now. And Auth0 API rejecting to add exactly this field. How can we put it now to previously created users?

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