My ‘New User’ flow isn’t good, what is the recommended flow?

This is an old topic, but it was unanswered.

When a Tenant Editor adds a new user, they asked to provide a password for the user and I suppose they are expected to send that password to the new user.

For now, we’ll be advising our Tenant Editors to use a random password and ask the user to go through the reset password process.

Is there a better way? I’d expect a Tenant Editor to be able to add a user/email and require the user to provide a new password at first login.


If users are being created ahead of time and without the involvement of the end-user itself the flow of setting a random password and then direct the user to perform a password reset is the acceptable one as I don’t think there’s any other approach available that would likely be better. At least, with the same level of complexity. To my knowledge, there’s no built-in option to force a user to have to change their password.

I guess that if I had this requirement of provisioning users ahead of time I would likely consider having my own administration backend and automate the creation of the user through Management API (automate the generation of the passwords) and then generate a password reset ticket through Management API and send it to the user email inbox in a custom email. This way the random password is never known to anyone and it would automate all the required steps.

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