Migrating users from one tenant to another

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We’ve migrated users from one of our tenants to another but don’t want to migrate password hashes. What would that look like for users when they try to log in into the new tenant? Are they going to be asked to reset their password and if yes what is the UX they will experience?

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I understand that you have questions about migrating your users from one tenant to another.

When a user is imported to your new tenant without their passwords, they will not be able to log in until they have set a new password. In this situation, they will have to use the Forgot Password option to set a new password.

However, this can be counterintuitive to a “newly” added user.

Given that, there is an option to Send Email Invitations for Application Signup which repurposes a Forgot Password email template as an Email Invitation. This way your users can reset their password by following the Forgot Password link in their email inbox.

Finally, there is an option to use a Post-Login Action to check the event.user.last_password_reset property to see if there is a value set. If not, you would proceed with triggering a password reset flow using the Management API in Actions.

Here is a related Community Post that you may find useful: Importing users without a password - #2 by mathiasconradt

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