Mvc-auth-commons on jakarta EE

Hello Okta community,

I am migrating an application from Java 11 to 17, Tomcat 9 to Tomcat 10, Java EE namespace to Jakarta namespace, as well as Spring 5 to Spring 6. The issue is that I have some SAML implementation and Auth0 with that and I am using com.auth0:mvc-auth-commons on the latest version, however I cannot find an alternative from Auth0 library that supports jakarta namespace.

I found this issue on Github but it was open 3 years ago with no resolution: Directly Support Jakarta 9.1 · Issue #97 · auth0/auth0-java-mvc-common · GitHub

I wanted to check here if someone has found an alternative for this scenario so the application works with Jakarta namespace.

Thank you

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Hi @mleiton-jama , I am also stuck desperately trying to update dependencies to secure versions and this is the last one blocking everything. Were you able to find a work around (or even able to get a response from Auth0 maintainers)?