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PS: This is a bug report but there isn’t any bug report label to select on Issues · auth0/auth0-java-mvc-common · GitHub after clicking on new issues so I am reporting it on this forum.

The bug happens on the latest auth0-java-mvc-common 1.50 which is release 15 hours ago, it is complaining about two dependencies which cannot be resolved:


I believe there are some versioning issues here as the latest versions for the dependencies on maven are different from the one used in 1.50?

Appreciate if there are any insights or solutions to it.

Sorry, to add on we have no issues with 1.4X, this recent update broke our project during bulding.

Hey there!

Just discussing it with the team, will let you know once I have any updates!


Hi Konrad,

I think this is resolved; IntelliJ can resolve the two dependencies. Thanks!

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Really glad to hear that!