Is auth0-spring-security-api being maintained?

There are a few issues open on the project. None of which have any comments from auth0 maintainers, which is OK. I’m just wondering if this library is still being maintained, as I need to modify it to bump the version of the java-jwt library that is in the compile scope.

If the library is being maintained it would be great to get some feedback on the issues and pull requests. If not, no worries - I’ll fork it and maintain my own version…


As far as I’m aware the library is supported, however, have in mind that review of opened issues may not occur at a regular frequency as it’s subject to the availability of the collaborators and other priorities that they may have. I’m sure the issues and pull requests will get reviewed, I just can’t promise an ETA.

Cool, I was just making sure the library hadn’t died :slight_smile: Thanks for the reply.