Apache Ant (Ant) Build - auth0-java-mvc-common: Library source doesn't match the bytecode for class AuthAPI

  • Which SDK this is regarding: auth0-java-mvc-common
  • SDK Version: 1.8.0
  • Platform Version: Java 11
  • Code Snippets/Error Messages/Supporting Details/Screenshots:

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We are working to integrate the Java Mvc Common library from auth0 - GitHub - auth0/auth0-java-mvc-common: Contains common helper classes and api client logic that are used across our Java MVC libraries into an ANT build-based Java legacy web application. As a part of integrating the auth0 SDK into the application, we added these dependencies into the ivy file within the project.


As a result, the dependency manager downloads two jar files for each library. For example, for mvc-auth-commons, it downloads mvc-auth-commons-1.8.0.jar and mvc-auth-commons-1.8.0-sources.jar files.

While debugging the code, we found that the source code is referring to the sources jars which is expected in the ANT build system.

Bu the problem is, the source code in the library has dependency-related problems and while executing the code, it throws exception. As you see in the below snapshot, Library source does not match the bytecode for class AuthAPI

Please note, when we uses the maven build system in a test application, the maven dependency manager downloaded only the mvc-auth-commons-1.8.0.jar file and the source code works as expected. Unfortunately, we would have to stick with the ANT build system and we can’t switch to maven build.

Did anyone face this issue? Or can you guys suggest any possible workaround for this problem?