Multistep signup form for paid users

I am using auth0 in my existing regular php web application.
I have free as well as paid users in my site. For free users registration process is simple, I call the create user api which triggers the verification email.

But for paid users I have a multistep form. In first step users enters his information and registered as a free user in application then redirected to payment page. I can not call auth0 reg api after first step as user will get immediately verification email before payment.

If I call it after successful payment then its impossible to track if user bails out(Doesn’t fill payment form, but already registered as a free user). Please suggest what approach I should follow.

It is not exactly clear from the information provided, but given you have a custom registration process I’m assuming that you disabled public signups (this endpoint) and instead are performing the registration of users from your backend through the Management API create user endpoint.

If the above is correct then you can use the verify_email parameter to indicate that a verification email should not immediately be send after user creation. You could then later use this endpoint to trigger a verification email to be sent after the payment form is completed.

Thanks @jmangelo for your response. You guessed it right i was looking for this bool only. Missed it in the doc.
Thank you very much again.

@jmangelo Hi, I have a similar issue, but didn’t disable public sign ups, I have two separate pages for paid and free registration. What would you suggest?

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