Multiple username alias to login

We have a requirement to have a user profile with multiple aliases along with username to login. That means user can use alias (can be stored in user metadata) to login. So use can use username/email/alias to login.

How can we implement this & how we can ensure that alias is unique cross db & username field ? I saw this custom database option, but do we need to host our own database & then will option to control this login verification?

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Alias is not supported by Auth0 for login purposes. You can use a username or email to login.

If you would like to use an alias a custom UI + Custom DB would be required. This implementation has many limitations and it defeats the purpose of using Auth0. The use of Custom DB scripts is used as a temporary solution until users are migrated across to Auth0. I would highly recommend reconsidering the use of aliases.

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Thanks @jeff0 for the clarification, we will rethink about the aliases.

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