Multiple instances of the sane Application with Different User Names

Hello. Auth0 Community!

I am new to Auth0 and need knowledge and guidance on how to configure Auth0 to support User authentication for users that have access to multiple accounts in unique applications and in different instances of the same application with different user names.

An example would be the user below Robert has accounts in two different salesforce instances using different email addresses,

  • Instance1 of Salesforce - Username = “email address 1” - Real Name “Robert Jones” - Conenction is Auth0 Database
  • Instance2 of Salesforce - Username = “email address 2” - Real Name “Robert Jones” Conenction is Auth0 Database
  • Company - Username = “Email address 1” - Real Name “Robert Jones” Conenction is Auth0 Database

Is there an example of how to configure this for the Applications and Users? I would like to have users Authenticate with Auth0 using their real Email Address, so from the example that would be

Thank you all in advance,


Hi @dkaminsky,

Welcome to the Community!

Where are struggling? What issues have you run into?

Are you wanting this users accounts to be linked? It is not clear what you are asking for, would you mind clarifying the issue with the scenario you gave?

If you are wanting to make this user’s accounts linked, this can be done with out account linking feature.


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