Multiple TOTP providers

Can users in database connection be associated with multiple TOTP providers? We have a use case for this, mostly for testing where this would be beneficial.

Hey there @rsanchez!

I already reached out to appropriate team asking for that! I’ll let you know once I get the info!

I got asked by the team if you can provide the usecase so we can tailor the solution somehow!

We have an account that pings Auth0 every 15 seconds. This ping is used by our monitoring platform to let us know when there are potential problems in accessing various services that are critical to our operation. The process is to log in and do a rudimentary check for a response. The 15 seconds is less than the TOTP provider allows.

I have a personal use case for this to add as well, just to add to this, and since I hope we’ll support it at some point as well. Personally I use Google Authenticator/Guardian as well as two U2F tokens (one fix in my one laptop, one on my key chain to use elsewhere). I like to have the flexibility to use either factor depending on where I am or which computer I’m using.
I use it this way already elsewhere where multiple TOTP/MFA is possible, so I think it’s a good idea generally.


Thanks for sharing it @mathiasconradt!

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