Multiple silent signins

Hi Everyone,
For users I see multiple silent logins that occurs after every 10 seconds
Wondering why would that happen

Hi @ashesh.subedi,

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From what I gathered from your screenshot, these events appear to be Successful Login events.

Typically a silent authentication event will show Success Silent Auth in your logs. See below for an example.

In this case, I believe that these are successful logins from your users and are occurring for legitimate reasons.

Does that help?

Thank you.

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Hi @rueben.tiow these events are few seconds apart and Identity Provider is N/A.

I see the users weren’t even taken to the universal login page

Hi @ashesh.subedi,

Thank you for your response.

It is hard to determine if there is an actual anomaly with the behavior of your users’ login flow. However, I was able to replicate your same logs by successfully logging in with an active session.

In my tests, I observed that the user’s first successful login after submitting their credentials defines the Identity Provider in the logs, such as Username-Password-Authentication.

While the session is active, subsequent logins will show the Identity Provider as N/A as you have observed.

So it’s likely that your users are logging in while their session is active.


Hi @rueben.tiow Thank you for the response
So all the subsequent login for the user was while Auth0 detected active session for the user? This is happening in only of of the 5 applications we have in the tenant. Wondering if any application specific settings is causing this?

Hi @ashesh.subedi,

Thank you for your response.

Yes, I believe the logs you see are of users logging in with an already active session. Of course, if you believe this is an anomaly, you could always capture a HAR file and DM it to me, and I can investigate further on the behavior you are observing.

Not directly in your application, but there are settings for configuring the Token Settings in your API settings.

Please let me know if there’s anything else I can do to help.

Thank you.

Hi @rueben.tiow we have 5 applications (e.g. A, B, C, D and E) and with separate clientid. We have relevant startup for these applications. On the history tab, I see multiple logins for the last application (E) even though the user had signed in for the first application A

We have custom domain setup, wondering what would cause such anomaly

Hi @ashesh.subedi,

I am not sure what could be causing this anomaly. Could you please capture a HAR file of your observations and DM it to me to investigate further?

Thank you.

Hi @rueben.tiow unfortunately this isn’t visible to the end users, we just see such rapid logins in the history tab.

Hi @ashesh.subedi,

Thank you for your update.

Would it be possible for you to reproduce the scenario and capture it in a HAR file?

I will need more information about the logs and specific times to search for the root cause of the behavior you have observed.

However, frankly, I am not confident about whether it is an anomaly. In the meantime, could you please clarify if the authenticated user that to app A had access to app E?


Hi @rueben.tiow I messaged you the HAR file, yes the authenticated user for app A has access to app E since all the apps are in the same tenant

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