Multiple connections with strategy "auth0"

We gave two domain-level connections with strategy == ‘auth0’, and the second that is created gives us this error.

Error: 409 Conflict: There is already a domain connection enabled for strategy auth0
xxx, in resource “auth0_connection” “”:

Is there another strategy we should use? Where are strategies documented?

I am able to create this from the Auth0 UI. But not via tf

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Hey there @authenticated!

Unfortunately the documentation is lacking a bit, but I believe the easiest way to think about this is to think of strategies as providers - That is auth0 , google-oauth2, facebook, etc. In the context of a domain level connection, it looks as though only 1 connection of each strategy is allowed. You are allowed to have multiple tenant level connections of the same strategy.

Just adding the following for context on tenant level vs. domain level connections:

Hope this helps to clarify!

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