Create multiple email/password connections

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Our use-case
We have a multi tenant B2B application. Right now we are implementing Auth0 as IDP. For each of our B2B customers we will have a separate Auth0 Organisation. We would like to also enable each Company to setup their own password policy on a organisation level for each email/password connection.

Our Problem
It does not seem to be possible to create a new email/password connection through the sdk/management api as each created connection ends up as a “password-less connection” (BTW: we are using the createConnection function from the node api)

const connection = await{
  name: "random-name",
  strategy: "email",

The question
How can we programatically setup a new email/password connection for each organisation?


Hi @dev43

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In the code above change the strategy: "email" to strategy: "auth0" This will create a new database connection in your tenant.

Hope this helps


@jeff.ishar1 thanks for the quick repose. Problem solved :slight_smile:

Maybe forward to your team to include a info page what strategies are available and what they do.

E.g. you have auth0-oidc , auth0, oauth1 , oauth2, etc. and nobody knows what they do or are. (Link to Docs) and a simple tooltip with some detail would be a huge improvement

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