Multiple auth methods in httpd?

Kind of a strange situation, and I’m hoping that someone else might have some insight:

I need to do two types of authenticaiton in HTTPD:

  1. Auth0 (which works!)

  2. Check the resulting login name against a list of approved logins. For reasons, this data is not getting fed back into auth0 in any meaningful way, and can only be provided to me as a flat text file.

What I really need to do is get the email address back and check that without prompting the user to log in again. Does anyone have any suggestions on doing so?

Hey there @techie1980, welcome to Auth0’s Community!

I may be missing the desired result here but it sounds like you are describing an end goal of an invite-only type of application. If so, I have included documentation below on the subject. However if I am missing the mark, please let me know so we can work together to help find the right solution for you. Thanks!

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