Help Implementing User Invitation Auth Flow


I’m looking into migrating an application from Cognito and would like advice on whether the authentication flow is possible to implement in Auth0 and if so, some direction on how to go about it!

I understand it’s a slightly unusual flow:

  1. User enters email to register. Registration request is intercepted and admin user creation is invoked in its place, triggering an invite-style flow.
  2. User receives an email with a link to a secondary registration page, where they both set their password and provide supplementary profile data.
  3. After submission user is logged in.

Both of the registration pages use a completely custom UI.
Would appreciate any advice anyone could provide! Thanks in advance.

Hi, @jfindlayc thanks for reaching out and welcome to Auth0 Support! :star_struck:

I would need some more details on what you mean by this particularly what is meant by ‘admin user creation’. Do you intend to create these users in Auth0 prior to them actually logging in? We do have documentation around a somewhat similar flow that might be of interest here:

The flow outlined in that documentation is different in a few ways from what you’ve described but let me know what your thoughts are regarding that.

It is possible to have a customized Universal Login page, it’s more a matter of how deeply you plan on customizing our default settings and which library you end up choosing:

That documentation should familiarize you with some of the libraries that can be used to create a customized feel for your login pages. Some implementations are more friendly towards customizations while others are meant to be more of a turn-key solution.

Hope that info helps let me know if I can assist further.


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