MTLS set up between Auth0 tenant and Custom DB server

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I have set up a connection between my external DB and Auth0 using the “custom database” feature of Auth0. Now, I want to set up MTLS between Auth0 and my external DB server. is it possible? Please let me know.
@dan.woda @James.Morrison your comments?

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I also have a similar situation, I am connecting Auth0 with the on-prem database. By looking at Auth0 documentation I can say that there is no easy option to setup mTLS between Auth0 and on-prem SQL server. Auth0 provides IP whitelisting option as explained here But I want to make sure that connection between Auth0 and SQL server is encrypted and secure.

The Experts, Please suggest what are the options? How can I verify this with the current connection?

@mohd.ilyas @mahesh.saini,

It doesn’t look like we have support for mTLS at this point. Your best bet is to submit the feature request to our feedback page. This is a direct like to our engineering team, and the best way to communicate your needs. Please add any relavant context to the submission.


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