Auth0 IP range for Azure Sql Server

I want to configure my custom user management database. The scripts are working fine, but i don’t know the IP range of Auth0. This needs to be configured in Azure to make sure the call is not blocked. I assume that Auth0 has a fixed IP range.
Can you please provide this?

When configuring a custom database connection and you need to white-list IP address in order to access the underlying store you can find the required IP addresses in a panel notice below each custom script.

It goes something like:

Heads up! If you are trying to access a service behind a firewall, make sure to open the right ports and allow inbound connections from these IP addresses: IP1, IP2, …, IPn

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Thanks, i guess i ignored it, because it were so many numbers :smiley:
I hope they can change it to an ip-range in future, but it helped, thanks!