More users in free tier than in paid tier

Im trying to figure out if Auth0 fits my needs, and have some questions regarding the pricing:

According to this page, the free tier has 7500 MAU included, but the first paid tier at 35$/Month only includes 500. Is this correct?

Also, does Auth0 provide some guarantees for the free tier as to whether or not this is perpetual, or if it is subject to change?

Hi @claude.hasler

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The first paid tier offers everything for Free, with an additional 500 monthly active users. In terms of guarantees, as far as I know, there are no planned changes to this. If everything changes in the future, we’ll properly inform every our customer uphead. Thanks


Just to confirm, the first paid tier offers 500 users PLUS the 7500 users from the free tier, resulting in total 8000 MAU for the first paid tier?

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