Modify/Create forms using the Management API

I am using forms in my current app, but would like to be able to modify it using code. However, there is no mention of forms in the documentation. I’m not super surprised because its in early access, so I tried to figure it out myself (hoping that it would exist, but just undocumented). I was correct, it does actually exist. I can do a GET request at forms, but thats all I’ve been able to find.

Are there any POST/PATCH requests to forms? (even if it is undocumented/experimental/volatile)

Hi @rubyboat1207,

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I have just checked on this internally and found that we do not currently have a way to use the Management API for forms.

Our engineering team has confirmed that they are working on providing this functionality to the management API in the near future.

For now, you must use the dashboard’s form interface.