Minor problem with Auth0 Lock & Fitbit connection


I’ve been messing around with the Fitbit API and am creating a web app using a ReactJS front end & a Node/ExpressJS back end. I was able to successfully set up authentication using Auth0 Lock & the Fitbit social connection but I am having an issue when a returning user tries to log in.

When I pull up my auth & click the option to sign in with the last Fitbit account, there is no redirect to anywhere it just sits on the darkened login. If instead of trying to sign back in with the previous Fitbit user, I click “Not your account?” and return back to the original lock login, and login with that same Fitbit account, everything works just fine.

I was thinking it might have to do with the Callback Urls from my applications dashboard, but wasn’t able to resolve that way. I’m not sure exactly what is wrong but any advice would be appreciated, thanks.

Hi @KevTheDev26

Do you see any errors in the browser’s Developer Console?
Having a look at the Network tab and inspecting the HTTP requests can also shed some light on where exactly the process get’s up to before failing.