Migrate from Actions Beta to Final

Problem statement

We need to begin migrating their existing Rules and Hooks to Actions as Rules and Hooks will reach the end of life on November 18, 2024.


Key Dates for the Deprecation

  • October 16, 2023 - Rules and Hooks will no longer be available for tenants of new and existing customers.

  • Existing tenants that are making use of Rules and Hooks will maintain access to those features until EOL but are highly encouraged to start the migration to Actions as soon as possible**.**

  • November 18, 2024 - Rules and Hooks will reach the end of life and will be removed from all tenants .


As part of our long-term vision for the extensibility of Auth0 through custom code, we have refined and simplified the programming models that we introduced during the beta period of Actions. Authoring Actions will now be done in a more consistent and predictable way across Triggers. Event data has been aligned more closely with the Auth0 Management API and other facets of the Auth0 platform. Changing the behavior of the transaction via custom code now always happens by calling methods of a new api argument.

Migrating an Action created during the period prior to General Availability (GA) should typically involve the following steps:

  1. Adjust references to renamed and relocated event properties as outlined in the Breaking changes section.
  2. Instead of composing and returning an object describing the desired side-effects, update custom code to call the relevant api method as outlined in the Performing side effects section.
  3. For Actions that need to handle redirect callbacks, use the newly-exposed dedicated function. If you used code that relied on event.protocol === ‘redirect-callback’, review the Redirect with Actions page.

Breaking changes include the following: