Microsoft Edge Extension Auth0 implementation - Authorization page could not be loaded

I already successfully implemented Auth0 in Chrome Extension which is available in Chrome Store, and now I’m trying to convert this extension for Microsoft Edge. On the extension side, code is completely the same. I update Allowed Origins (CORS) , Allowed Callback URLs and the rest of settings in Auth0 dashboard in the same way I did with Chrome Extension using key from Microsoft Store, but I keep getting this error when I try to login from extension :

Authorization page could not be loaded.

Are there any specific settings for Edge Extensions, as they introduced them recently?

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I’m in a similar situation. The auth flow works for our production tenant on Chrome, but the same code fails on our dev tenant with Authorization page could not be loaded. and no other information :confused:

To my eyes, the application settings are identical under both tenants.

The issue was that we hadn’t added the custom domain settings to our production tenant’s universal login page’s Lock config. Really wish the error was more descriptive.


Found from: Custom domain with auth0.js getting error "You should not be hitting this endpoint"