Microsoft Azure AD Connection. Migration from Azure AD API to Microsoft Graph API

Problem statement

The question related to Enterprise Connections: Microsoft Azure AD. We got an email that Microsoft going to deprecate Azure AD API and use only MSFT Graph API. Some of our Microsoft Azure AD connections use Azure AD API. I have a few question about migrations to new Graph API.

  1. Can you send us a list of names Microsoft Azure AD that use Azure AD API, do you have understanding witch API connection use ?
  2. Based on the migration documentation, its look we should change Azure Application configuration from Azure AD API to MSFT Graph API. Is it enough?

I checked you documentation (Connect Your App to Microsoft Azure Active Directory) and it looks like we don’t need to do any additional work.

"While configuring permissions, consider the following:

If you want to enable extended attributes (such as Extended Profile or Security Groups), then you will need to configure the following permissions for the Microsoft Graph API."
Do you know about migration issue that we should take care of to reduce the amount of issue on Auth0 side ?


You should ensure that:

  • All Azure AD connections in Auth0 use “Identity API v2”
  • All rules/actions in Auth0 and applications stop calling the Azure AD Graph API and use Microsoft Graph instead.