MFA Enrollment with User List

How do I get MFA enrollment status from the Admin users search API?

I do see that this question has been asked before but I noticed that the Auth0 web admin actually shows a Raw JSON in the users section that includes a “guardian_authenticators” JSON key with the information I would like to retrieve. Is it possible, with an API call, to be able to return the same raw JSON information that Auth0 Manage already returns?

Here’s an example of one user returned JSON object with details in “guardian_authenticators”
“guardian_authenticators”: [
“id”: “sms|dev_g1ozj9WB1tIJp9vS”,
“type”: “sms”,
“confirmed”: true,
“name”: “+1 XXXXXX19XX”,
“created_at”: “2020-02-18T00:24:30.000Z”,
“enrolled_at”: “2020-02-18T00:24:40.000Z”,
“last_auth_at”: “2020-02-18T00:25:41.000Z”
“id”: “recovery-code|dev_mv01QsUi3kSCNbQy”,
“type”: “recovery-code”,
“confirmed”: true,
“created_at”: “2020-02-18T00:24:25.000Z”,
“enrolled_at”: “2020-02-18T00:24:41.000Z”

As displayed in the “Raw JSON” tab of the Users object in the Users list in Auth0 Manage

Just to get more detail, do you want to get user details with guardian_authenticators in response only. You want a filter which return the specified filed only. Please correct me if i am wrong.

I am not sure I understand that question, but to be clear I am trying to get guardian_authenticators included in the response when I request a list of users.

This is not an new question, but what bothers me is it appears to be included somehow in the Auth0 manage interface and I was wondering if I am missing some API call that actually provides this detail like the manager interface does.