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Accessing User MFA Enrollment Status

We have a need to see the MFA enrollment status for all of our users via the Management API. I see there is a multifactor field returned by the list and get user endpoints, but it does not seem to reflect the current enrollment status (i.e. seems like it always returns ["any", "guardian"] for a user after enrolling in MFA; even after resetting MFA).

I saw this old thread, which seems to suggest that the issue is due to indexing delays involved with the list endpoint, however I seem to be getting the same results whether I use the list or get user endpoint (e.g. /api/v2/users/{id}).

Is this multifactor field supposed to reflect actual enrollment status or does it just reflect available providers? In inspecting the API calls made by Auth0’s dashboard for the user profile page, I see there is a guardian_authenticators field, that seems to reflect the actual current enrollments accurately. Can this be made available on the public list users endpoint?

If not, is there any other way to view the MFA enrollment status for a list of users?