MFA enroll options screen


I’m editing the auth0 branding for a client and I came up with a screen that is not documented and also doesn’t allow me to edit anything via the management API.


  1. Have a user which is not yet enrolled in MFA

  2. Select Phone to start MFA

  3. Change your mind and select to select a different method

After step 3 I get redirected to a screen called “mfa-enroll-options”, which doesn’t have any of the previous styling applied. This screen also doesn’t show in the documentation provided:

If I try to edit the prompts for this screen I get an Invalid Screen response.

Is this is a bug or am I missing something?


Is there anyone who can help me with this issue?

@LeonBakker thank you for your question!

Within the MFA prompts there are 2 screens that may be the one you are seeing.

  • mfa-begin-enroll-options (most likely it’s this one)
  • mfa-login-options

If you are trying to use the Management API to customize the prompt/screen then it is expected that you’d receive and error when providing a screen name that doesn’t exist. The prompt screenshots and names are listed in the documentation link that you referenced in the accordions under Available Variables.

I hope this helps!