"manually" hydrate Auth0 in `react-auth0-spa` ... or should you even?

I’ve been using Auth0 to develop my app on Web for about a month. When I first set up it took me maybe 30 min. I’m building an Ionic app so I figured it should be pretty trivial to get things going on Mobile. Man was I wrong.

I’ve configured my mobile apps to handle special domains for the callback to redirect to my mobile app, although the user experience (even if it did work), is awful because it leaves the app and then asks the user if they want to return. A non-starter if you ask me. The problem is that it also doesn’t work. the .../?code=blahblahblah part does not seem to get registered in the callback of the form capacitor://my.domain/?code=whatever. So I decided to side step Auth0 and use open plugins for OAuth, FB login, etc. These worked great out of the box.

The problem is I can’t figure out how to hack Auth0 with the data from these better open-source plugins to get my “useAuth0()” calls to work.

UPDATE: I’ve ditched Auth0 and now things are much easier.

Hi there @NathanArgy,

I’m sorry to hear that you have recently moved on from using Auth0. I would love to work together to compile a list of the challenges you faced when integrating Auth0 into your Ionic build so we can document this challenges with solutions so that the rest of the community can benefit from this experience. Please let me know if you become available in this regards, thank you.

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