Ionic 4 + Capacitor - how to integrate Auth0?

Hi guys,

Are there any tutorials explaining how to get Auth0 working with Ionic 4 + Capacitor? I found a tutorial, but it only works locally, and not on the device itself.


Hey there @mattinbrissy!

As far as I can see regarding Ionic 4 we only have this blog post:

This blog post has no authentication examples

Unfortunately apart from this content we don’t have anything else regarding Ionic 4. Here’s our Ionic 3 content that you may find helpful:

Can we expect Ionic 4 content soon?

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Hi, I am also interested in this. It seems to be initiating with the android emulator.
However, at this point it is unclear to me whether auth0-cordova should be used, and how to change the config settings per build. (e.g. redirectUrl is different for android app and website build).

Hey everyone!

Unfortunately I’m not able to provide you with any ETA for Ionic 4 articles however I highly encourage you to advocate for it via our product feedback site (getting directly to our product team), providing your view and context on this:

Thank you a lot for that!

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@arn @mattinbrissy @Thomas-Wildeboer were any of you able to figure this out? I cannot get the redirect to route back to my app after successful passwordless sms login. Not sure if it is a deep linking/custom url issue

Sorry, I didn’t. I sent a request to add a ionic 4 tutorial but they said they had no plans to do so… wish I could help. It’s definitely a custom url issue.

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No sorry, I gave up on this at this point.

Will let everyone know once we have more content on Ionic 4!

I’m terribly dissapointed by the fact that there’s still no guide to integrate ionic 4 with auth0, will have to choose another platform.

Terribly sorry for that! We would highly appreciate sharing with our product team your product feedback here:

I achieved to implement Auth0 with Ionic 4 and Cordova (not Capacitor)

Hey there @Ask!

Is it something you can share here with the rest of community sending a link to GitHub repo?

Thank you!

Hey there @konrad.sopala

I will try to spend my time to create a GitHub repo with a blank app with Auth0 login today or tomorrow.
I will also write a Medium Post and share it.

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Perfect! Thanks a lot for that @Ask! Make sure to post it within our Show Your Auth0 category here in the forum!

I’m dealing with the exact same issue right now so I’m looking forward to your post!!! That Android config has me spinning in circles!!

@Ask Please try to post any info on how you got auth0 working on a real device, since Auth0 team can’t put the effort after almost a year after Ionic 4 release.

Hey there @ayrapetyan.vazgen!

Please let’s try to respect each other. I totally understand your point and totally agree with it. One of our teams failed with delivering that that’s true however you need to remember that we’re a product company and as every product company we’re not able to satisfy the needs of every of our customer developers as the day has 24 hours and everyone has limited bandwidth. What is more as you know every product company is led by some product managers which also establish priorities for the team.

Having that all in mind and knowing that the responsible team already know that community needs such content, I will wait for the info from them. Sorry for the experience!