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Problem on login with Ionic4 and Angular7



Hi Community,

I have a problem signing in from my app (Android).
I switched from Ionic3 to Ionic4 and from Angular 6 to 7.
Login with Ionic3 has worked so far. I have now rebuilt the app following this tutorial ( When I click the Login button the link to Auth0 will be opened but it will not show any content. No login fields. I’m a bit clueless and do not know where I should start to look for the mistake. Therefore, I ask for help here.

I can also put in a lot of code here, but it would also help me to understand why auth0 login fields do not appear. On your request, I can post any code.

Thank you very much.


Oh I saw in Git that the example is an Angular 4 example.

Then back to this Ionic3 example:

… but with ionic4 still the same problem.