Problem on login with Ionic4 and Angular7

Hi Community,

I have a problem signing in from my app (Android).
I switched from Ionic3 to Ionic4 and from Angular 6 to 7.
Login with Ionic3 has worked so far. I have now rebuilt the app following this tutorial ( When I click the Login button the link to Auth0 will be opened but it will not show any content. No login fields. I’m a bit clueless and do not know where I should start to look for the mistake. Therefore, I ask for help here.

I can also put in a lot of code here, but it would also help me to understand why auth0 login fields do not appear. On your request, I can post any code.

Thank you very much.

Oh I saw in Git that the example is an Angular 4 example.

Then back to this Ionic3 example:

… but with ionic4 still the same problem.

Hey there,

Terribly sorry for such delayed response. We’re doing our best in providing you with best developer support experience out there, but sometimes it’s too much for our bandwidth.

Basically when it comes to our Ionic 4 stuff we still don’t have much on that. Here are the things you can make use of:

Hi, we have just release our Ionic 4 sample. Let us know if you have any issues.

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Thanks a lot for sharing that @Saltuk!