Mandatory sign up every user in two social identities

Hi. My react web application needs to force every user to sign up in several social identity providers (Google, Facebook, etc), so application will have access tokens to at least two of them.

How to change sign up to hide “connected” social network via Auth0Lock embedded widget? See image.

Expected UI flow:

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Hey there!

Unfortunately we don’t have any docs for that exact customisation maybe someone from the community do such hack. I’ll post a few links regarding Lock customisation that maybe will inspire you:

Thank you for links.
It seems that I checked all documented solutions, the only way that I found is manipulation with allowedConnections with temporary cleaning cookies from variables and re-creation of Lock widget after every Sing Up. But this isn’t proper way.

The only correct way I see, is to implement custom Sign Up buttons and Register window and send data to Auth0 under the hood.

If someone already completed something similar, please share your experience!

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I added one label to your question so that maybe someone will reach it faster if has any knowledge to share about it.