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disable social signup



I m looking for how to disable social signup in auth0 lock10…

I found this link but now working…social signup button shows always

Auth0 Disable Social Signup Rule

That rule is mostly aimed at a very specific scenario where you want future users using social authentication not to be able to complete an authentication process for certain client applications.

In addition have in mind that rules run after the initial step of user authentication is completed so the user profile will already exist in Auth0 (in other words the user is created) at the time rules execute. You can block the authentication process, but this situation should be taken in consideration because the user will technically still exist in your account.

Finally, social authentication signup is mostly indifferent from social authentication; the thing you can distinguish is that if this is the first-time you see a specific social identity doing authentication then you can consider it a signup. However, from the client-side, if you want to allow social authentication even if you completely hide the signup section in Lock a new social user can still use the login to perform something similar to a signup.

You should update your question with your use case; in particular, why do you want to disallow social signup while still having social connections enabled for a particular application.