ManagementApiError when using the Auth0 logs to Logstash extension

Hi all,

When using the Auth0 logs to Logstash plugin i get the following error when the job runs:

error: {"name":"ManagementApiError","code":"Forbidden","message":"Forbidden","status":403}

I have a simple configuration that tries to post to a requestbin endpoint to check the request format, but data never arrives there. I am kind of lost as I have tried to vary all options, but none seem to have any effect.

Hi @ruben.oost,

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This indicates that there is an authorization problem. It sounds like the token does not have the scopes required or is not set for the correct audience.

Can you describe your configuration?


Hi Dan,

Thanks for taking an interest in my issue.

My configuration:

Schedule: Every hour
START_FROM: (blank)
LOG_LEVEL: (blank)
LOG_TYPES: (none selected)
LOGSTASH_URL: https://some.domain/and/path
LOGSTASH_INDEX: logstash-auth0
LOGSTASH_USER: username as configured in logstash-http-plugin
LOGSTASH_PASSWORD: password as configured in logstash-http-plugin

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