Logs to Logstash Fail

Hi, I am trying to set up Logstash for logs but each log export fails with e.g.

checkpoint: 90020200729141716280000757738638214755286894288805298194
start: 2020-07-31T11:37:01.494Z
end: null
logsProcessed: 0
error: [{"error":{"errno":"ECONNREFUSED","code":"ECONNREFUSED","syscall":"connect","address":"","port":8080},"status":500},"Skipping logs from null to 90020200729141716280000757738638214755286894288805298194 after 5 retries."]

My logstash conf files looks like this

input {
  http {
    type => auth0
    port => 8080


filter {
  mutate {
    rename => {
       "_id" => "log_id"

output {
  stdout {}

I have ran curl commands for, they work and I can see them appear in logstash. This url is the same as the LOGSTASH_URL I set up in Auth0, with index=“Auth0” and no other changes to default settings. Any reasons why the connection might not be working?


Good morning,

Is this a first time set up or was it running previously?

Extensions use our webtask platform and since they’re limited to running 30 seconds at a time, this can cause timeouts. We realize this can be an issue and it’s part of the reason we developed the new log streaming functionality (https://auth0.com/docs/logs/streams).

If the uploads take too long the job will be killed and I think that would cause those socket hangups/timeouts.

A possible workaround might be to reduce the batch size and increase the run frequency in the extension’s configuration.

If you continue to experience issues, I recommend un-installing the extension, regenerating a LOGSTASH_TOKEN, reinstalling and re-configuring the extension. In addition, I would recommend try changing the configuration to port to 443 and let’s see if it helps to resolve the issue.