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Management api problem/bug - custom connections linked to users incorrect



For standard connections, the value of user.identity.connection is the However, for custom oauth2 connections that are linked to a user, the value is always “oauth2”.

The value of these linked connections should be the too.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a new user Joe Regular with a “Database-Connection” in Client #1
  2. Create a custom oauth2 connection using a non-builtin provider and name it “Shopify-Connection” e.g. Shopify
  3. Authorize a user Bob Shopify against the connection using Client #2
  4. Link the Bob account to Joe’s to merge the identities

There will now be two identities under Joe.

  1. user.identity[0].connection: "Database-Connection"
  2. user.identity[1].connection: "oauth2" <= this should be “Shopify-Connection”

The only workaround I’ve found is encoding the true into the user_id.


Also - Why doesn’t user.identity include the in the response? That information would be extremely useful in finding which identity belongs to which connection.

Edit: That’s weird. Now I’m seeing connection_id in my identity responses.


Did someone address this? I’m now seeing in identity[n].connection. Don’t think it was my code…


I did a quick test with a database user and a custom OAuth2 connection and was not able to reproduce this issue; I’m also not aware of any recent change. One thing to take in consideration is that oauth2 will indeed appear within the identities array, but associated to the provider property. More specifically you may get multiple identities with the same provider.