Management API: Connection reset by peer

We are having problems with 2 of our tenets, both are production tenets (Enterprise).
In the last 2 weeks we started getting these errors:

read tcp (Our_ip_and_port)-> read: connection reset by peer
While using the management API endpoint:

At first I thought that this is the way of auth0 to alert on rate limiting, but then I saw that in the docs that 429 status will be sent instead.

I don’t think we are getting rate limited since those are two tenets are separate environments and both got connection reset by peer a lot.

Is there a way of knowing what is happening?

Thank you!

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Hey there!

Thanks for reporting that! Have you changed something in the meantime? Can you let me know what endpoints are you using? It will be perfect if you can send me a private message with all those details + your tenant name so we can investigate it.

I’ve been experiencing the same issue as well. No changes in usage pattern or configs. About 2-3 weeks ago our e2e tests started failing sporadically with these read: connection reset by peer errors. It only appears to be happening in one of our tenants.

We are using the Auth0 go SDK. I’ve seen the error happen in all the management APIs that we use heavily:

  • UpdateUser
  • ListByEmail
  • /oauth/token

Hey Liz,
Same as me :frowning:

We are also using the Auth0 Golang SDK, and it still persists even after a month…

Hello - we are also seeing this happen.

Does anyone have any workarounds or suggestions on how to prevent / fix this?


Hi, we are seeing the same issues on our end. Also using the golang auth0 sdk.

@Auth0: Can you provide an update on this?

Hii All
Thanks for addressing it here. We are too facing this issue at our end. Did you get any solution for this?@giladweiss


I just opened a ticket for auth0 support and spoke straight to them

Thanks @giladweiss for your response. Can you loop me in that conversation as well please?

Did you get a resolution?

Any resolution here?