Manage my Account Settings?

I feel like an idiot having to ask this, but I honestly can’t find this information anywhere, and it’s impossible to Google for obvious reasons. I want to manage my actual Auth0 account settings, i.e. the account I use to log in and manage Auth0 stuff, not an account within an Auth0 authenticated application.

I would like to change my password, and configure my profile properly, but the only thing I see when I click my icon on the top right in the Dashboard is an option called “Your profile” which is all read-only, except for the option to add MFA.


Welcome to the Auth0 Community!

Firstly, to reset your password, please make sure you have logged out and go to the Auth0 Dashboard. On the login page, click on the Forgot password? button to reset your password:

In regards to changing your profile, unfortunately, there is no way to configure your profile after creation.

I hope this helps.


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