Manage Certificate for an SSO Integration


When creating a SAML2 Addon in an Application, there should be a button to download the certificate, but when there is an SSO Integration that functions like an Application, there is only a URL instead of a button for the certificate. This article explains what to do when there is no button to download the certificate.

  • There also might be certificate errors for the SSO connection when trying to authenticate through it.
  • When looking through the SAML Protocol Configuration Parameters in the Tutorial tab of the SSO Integration, there is only a URL for the certificate and nothing else.


Copy the URL provided in the SSO Integration > Tutorial > Identity Provider Certificate, paste it into the browser, and execute it. This will make it possible to download the certificate for the tenant in a .pem format. Then, either upload this certificate in the Service Provider’s connection or, if the option to upload the file is not available, copy the contents of the file and paste them into the certificate field.