Bug when adding a SAML connection, bad UI, error messages hidden

You try to create a connection after loading a certificate. It fails for some reason, missing data, (doesn’t matter). After you correct the issue, you cannot submit the new data because it continually fails for an “unknown reason”. Try again later, contact support if it persists.

The problem can be found in the dev tools network tab you must provide a certificate first. This error message is not surfaced to the user, AND it looks like the cert is already provided because the UI shows the file to be present, but since it “failed”, the attached certificate file is no longer available to the browser. Once you re-add the cert, it works. But, if you had properly updated the UI, or surfaced the reported error message, this would have been super simple to resolve.

Ooh gosh… terribly sorry that you needed to go through that! I’m relaying that feedback right now the appropriate team. For future reference, if you have any situation when you’d like to share with us product feedback or file a feature request, you can use our product feedback form: